Nuclear neurology: A significant advancement to diagnose brain disorders


Nuclear imaging makes use of radioactive substances that are used to treat several diseases. Technological advancements in the medical field have expanded the horizons of science and medicine. Nuclear imaging and medical imaging assists doctors and surgeons in detecting the different organs inside a patient’s body. Physicians and clinicians make use of nuclear imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases. The nuclear imaging technique is preferred over the other conventional imaging techniques due to the different advantages associated to it. The adoption of nuclear imaging is increasing worldwide owing to the increase in incidences of chronic diseases such as cancer, cancer and other neurological disorders. The growing awareness and importance of early diagnosis has further boosted the prospects of nuclear imaging. Progressive Markets recently published a report that offers valuable insights related to the nuclear imaging market such as the market share, size and growth.

Citation: Virdi K. Nuclear neurology: A significant advancement to diagnose brain disorders Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy. 2017; 4(1): 27-28.

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Article History: received 06 March 2017; accepted 10 March 2017; published online 13 March 2017

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