Lacrimal scintigraphy in the supine lateral head position


The examination with lacrimal scintigraphy showed that the supine side-down eye position of the test subject inhibited the transfer of the tracer into the lacrimal sac. The result means that utilizing gravitation offers the patient a convenient alternative to prolong the ocular contact time of each eye drop.

Keywords: lacrimal scintigraphy; eye drop; head position; lacrimal drainage; topical administration

Citation: Pohjanpelto P, Kangasmäki A, Kairemo K. Lacrimal scintigraphy in the supine lateral head position. Journal of Diagnostic Imaging in Therapy. 2016; 3(1): 52-54.

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Article History: received 01 September 2016; revised 02 September 2016; accepted 03 September 2016; published online 05 September 2016

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